Trending TV News Today: Inspired by Ranveer Singh now Kunal Verma shares nude photoshoot, Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’s 3 Idiots-style delivery gets trolled and more

Trending TV News Today: Inspired by Ranveer Singh, Kunal Verma goes nude in a photoshoot

Ranveer Singh who set the internet on fire with his nude photoshoot was a big trend in the entertainment news. And now, popular Tv actor Kunal Verma also went nude for a photoshoot. The actor said that he has worked hard for his body so why won’t he flaunt it. Kunal said that he has lesser money and he spends it all on his body. Kunal Verma is a fitness freak. When asked him who clicked his picture, Kunal named his wife, Puja Bannerjee. My wife Puja did. Aur kisse click karaunga! BTW, he didn’t really go nude, Kunal wore mini or micro shorts.