GB News guests lock horns over Commons partygate probe into Boris Johnson – ‘Witch hunt!’

Dan Wootton’s guests disagreed on whether the Commons Privileges Committee was right to proceed with its investigation into whether the outgoing Prime Minister misled Parliament over lockdown-breaking parties in Whitehall. The New Zealand-born GB News presenter was joined by a star-studded panel including the chief officer of the Cheshire Association of Local Councils Jackie Weaver.

However, Christine Hamilton, the wife of former Tory MP and current Ukip leader Neil Hamilton, locked horns with the co-founder of Conservatives Against Racism for Equality Albie Amankona over Parliament’s inquiry.

Mr Amankona said: “We have due process in this country and when public interest changes that due process still continues.

“I find it difficult to claim that this Privileges Committee is rigged when four in seven of the MPs on this Committee are Conservatives and indeed the whole House of Commons, which has a Conservative majority of almost 80, will confirm any recommendations that the Committee makes.”

Mrs Hamilton, who finished third in the first series of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here in 2002, replied: “I don’t think this is rigged at all, but I do think MPs should be concentrating on the things that really matter to people.

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“This is a hangover now [and] Boris is about to be gone.”

She also claimed “As so many of the members, whether they are Tory or otherwise, are on record as having fairly viciously attacked Boris, it would never be allowed in a court of law.

“And the difference between whether he knowingly misled Parliament or just misled Parliament, frankly, it is the difference between murder and manslaughter.

“If he knowingly misled Parliament that is very serious.”

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The Committee was previously set to investigate whether the former Mayor of London “deliberately” or “knowingly” misled Parliament.

However, it has subsequently published a report which claimed: “Intention is not necessary for a contempt to be committed.”

The investigation, which will be chaired by Labour’s ex-Commons Leader Harriet Harman, is expected to drag on for months.