POLL: Have you changed your water habits to get through the drought?

The nation is facing its driest conditions since 1976 and officials are preparing to declare a drought in August if the months of low rainfall continue. England last experienced a drought in the summer of 2018.

The National Drought Group (NDG) met on Tuesday, July 26, and since then, the Environment Agency and water companies have encouraged mindful usage.

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​​Harvey Bradshaw, the Environment Agency’s executive director for the environment and chair of the NDG, said: “While last week’s extreme high temperatures are now behind us and there are currently no plans for restrictions on essential water use.

“We can all do our bit by reducing unnecessary water consumption and following advice from our water company to ensure this remains the case while our rivers are exceptionally low.

“Environment Agency teams are …enacting the early stages of our drought plans in many parts of England to protect people’s access to water and preserve the environment.”

They have advised Britons to have baths instead of showers, reuse water used to rinse vegetables and keep cold water in the fridge to avoid running the tap.

“Water companies have detailed plans in place to manage water resources for customers and the environment, and are doing everything they can, including working closely with government and regulators to minimise the need for any restrictions and ensure rivers continue to flow.

“As we continue to see extremely high demand, we are urging everyone to carefully consider the amount they are using given the unprecedented conditions. 

“The water industry is running a national water-saving campaign called Water’s Worth Saving that provides the public with helpful hints and tips on how to do their bit with water use in the home.”

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