Royal Family LIVE: ‘Actual proof’ Meghan faces court as own sister prepares for battle

The Queen did not publicly acknowledge the birthday of Meghan Markle on social media on Thursday.

The Twitter and Instagram accounts of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall were at pains to wish a happy 41st birthday to the Duchess of Sussex on August 4.

On the other hand, the social media profiles representing the Queen remained silent when it came to marking Meghan’s big day.

The Royal Family Twitter account only shared one post on Thursday, strictly focused on an engagement carried out by one of its hardest-working members, Princess Anne.

While the Queen was described as a “notable absence” by the Daily Express royal correspondent Richard Palmer when it came to celebrating Meghan’s birthday, he stressed the lack of public messages was not thought to be a snub.

Looking into the real reason behind this silence, Mr Palmer spoke of a new social media practice Buckingham Palace may be adopting when it comes to marking the birthdays of non-working royals.

The expert wrote in the Daily Express: “It is thought the Queen congratulated Meghan privately yesterday but her official website neglected to mention her birthday after deciding it will only mark the birthdays of non-working members of the family when they end in a zero.”