‘Pay is more than decent’ Russian MP lures draftees into war with financial reward

As Vladimir Putin is scrambling to beef up his troops in Ukraine and counter the Ukrainian counteroffensive, the Russian President has ordered the immediate conscription of 300,000 reservists. But since his televised address on Wednesday, videos from Russia have emerged showing draftees hurting themselves and fleeing abroad to avoid taking up arms. In an attempt to convince Russians to join the army, a Russian MP said the state would offer financial reward.

Speaking Russian TV, Russian MP Vitaly Milonov said: “I can say that for many people, it’s not that they’ll be able to get a mortgage. 

“They’ll pay off their mortgage early if they join up as contracted soldiers, because the pay is more decent. 

“Everybody who goes to serve will discover this.”

He went on to describe the draft as an opportunity for men to reconcile with their masculinity in a macho rant.

He said: “Regarding men with multiple children, I think it’s a chance for men to prove they’re men. 

“Not only because they’re able to make use of their primary sexual characteristics but are also a man on a fundamental level. 

“And at the present time, every man is getting – I’m speaking about my personal feeling – the opportunity to prove that you’re a man! That you’re a Russian bloke!”

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